How the state is a roadblock to progress

Sparked by the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Science and the General Election 2010 event, Manifesto co-authors James Woudhuysen and Norman Lewis have written in spiked-online on how red tape-obsessed, visionless governments are holding back the kind of big and risky innovation society needs.


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  1. In the middle of a battle with the Scottish Government where I state this more strongly.
    “I have a great oil & gas topkill idea at Aberdeen University”
    “I have a great gas carryover solution with Shell Global”
    “I have a great hydro idea with a local Scottish renewables company”
    “I have an innovative solution for the failing wave power generation industry in Scotland”
    “I have a road lighting idea which I need to test out for real”

    I only have one insurmountable barrier>>>The Scottish Government and their impractical funding schemes

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