Author Martyn Perks

Article: Is there any value in blue-skies thinking?

Author: Martyn Perks Now that many public sector bodies, charities and businesses are faced with the prospect of severe cutbacks in light of the government’s spending review, managers everywhere will be brainstorming to find their own ways of resolving the mess they’re in. However many of those tasked with conjuring up solutions to the mess […]

Event: Blue-skies thinking is dead: long live blue-skies thinking?

Sunday 31 October, Battle of Ideas festival, Royal College of Art, London ‘Blue-skies thinking’ has long been lampooned as management cliché, but in today’s climate of austerity, such fanciful talk can even be deemed downright irresponsible. In government, business, even in science, everyone seems obsessed with tangible outcomes, practical solutions and ideas grounded in reality. […]

Article: Martyn Perks on how the government is coercing people into a brave new digital world

Martyn Perks reviews a government-backed campaign to get the entire UK adult population online and threatens to make ‘cyber slaves’ of us all. The Race Online 2012 campaign has just launched its Manifesto for a Networked Nation, which aims to get the entire adult UK population hooked up to the internet before the 2012 London […]