BIG POTATOES Workgroups announced

As announced at our Election event, we have been developing a number of Workgroups in which we want to engage BIG POTATOES supporters and others serious about determining the landscape of, and issues around, contemporary innovation. The first Workgroups – Information technology, Energy, and The Arts – have now been planned and further information can be found one our Research page.

The Cities and transport, Medicine and health, Design, and Media Workgroups are in planning. We are also keen to convene Workgroups on Manufacturing, and Materials.

Workgroups will meet monthly or bi-monthly, and people outside London will be able to participate online or via a conference call.

The first Workgroups take place on the evening of Wednesday 16 June. If you would like to take part in a Workgroup please contact the Workgroup convenor via our Research page or contact us directly.

[This post is now out-of-date. See the Research page for up-to-date information.]

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